Control Systems

The picture above shows the operator's seat being positioned where he is completely protected from low-flying debris from almost every angle. He is also protected by an overhead guard made from 2" X 4" steel tubing. 

All the operator's controls are handily located as follows: 

1. The hydraulic control handles are located to the left of the steering wheel. 

2. The electrically operated forward/reverse lever is mounted to the right side of the steering wheel.

3. The service brakes are applied with the left foot and the accelerator with the right. 

4. The differential lock button is located to the right side of the steering wheel. 

5. The parking brake is on the floor board on the right side. 

6. The four-speed gear shift handle is located to the operator's left. 

7. The engage/disengage button for models with four-wheel drive is located on the left side of the instrument panel. 

The operator has easy access to: 

1. Keyed ignition switch 
2. Starter button 
3. Cold start button 

He also has excellent visibility of: 

1. Water temperature gauge 
2. Oil pressure gauge 
3. Alternate light 
4. Transmission temperature light 
5. Hour meter 

All above lights and gauges are located on the instrument panel under the steering wheel. 


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